2023, June – November: DREAMING OF A PERFECT ARTS HOUSE. Performance (lasting 8 hours)

Simulation #1, Helsinki, June 9, 2023

Simulation #1, Helsinki, June 9, 2023 – short

Simulation #2, Lūznava, July 15, 2023

2022, February: Living Archive of Latvian Contemporary Dance

A documentary about the performance “And Suddenly Swans”

A review about the performance by Anna Kozonina (Russia/Finland)

2021, December: THE KEY TO CONNECTION BOOK. A publication

2021, August: VOICE FROM BEL ETAGE. Contemporary musical. Premiered in Jūrmala, Sigulda, Rīga, Matīši

Video trailer

A reportage about the premiere on the national TV

2021, August: FAST FROZEN AND STUFFED SUMMER MOMENTS. Jūdaži, Allaži, More. 2021


June, 2020: WOMAN WITHOUT QUALITIES. Contemporary art exhibition

2019, November: AND SUDDENLY SWANS. Contemporary dance performance with Burtnieki municipality community

2019, July: LAUKKU curated contemporary dance program at Lūznava Arts Picnic

“Twoness” by Rūta Pūce and Anna Novikova, “Lonely Shepard” by Andris Kačanovskis and “Miss Lithuania” by Vilma Pitrinaite (Lithuania)

Andris Kačanovskis “Lonely Shepard”

2018, June – 2019, March: What Kind of Dance Fits Countryside?

Over a year 14 contemporary dance choreographers travel to LAUKKU residency village Lādezers to share their work through dancing, sharing movement practices and working methods and discussing.

Sintija Siliņa, Alise Putniņa, Agnese Bordjukova, Krišjānis Sants, Ieva Gaurilčikaite, Agnese Vanaga, Kristīne Brīniņa, Rūdolfs Gediņš, Elīna Lutce, Ilze Zīriņa, Ramona Galkina, Olga Žitluhina, Andris Kačanovskis, Agate Bankava.

A reportage about the project on the regional TV

Video documentation of the project

2018, July: LAUKKU curated contemporary dance program at Lūznava Arts Picnic

2018, June: The Wise of Burtnieki travel to Vecumnieki municipality

A first real LAUKKU tour! Works made as part of the project Searching for Burtnieki Treasures travel south to Bārbele. A new work is made in one day by a choreographer Eva Krūmiņa (LAT) and local participants.

Supported by SCCF, Zemgales plānošanas reģions, AS “Latvijas valsts meži”, Burtnieki municipality, Vecumnieki municipality, Bārbele culture house nams

A video trailer from a tour to Bārbele

2017, November: Dance improvisation on the way to Hammerfest for “Heart. Beats. Light.” project.

2017, September: Art helps understand and experience.

Within the School bag project supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF)

Artists: Agnese Bordjukova (LAT), Inta Balode (LAT), Valts Mikelsons (LAT), Linda Krumina (LAT), Krista Brige (LAT) and Agate Bankava (LAT). Producer: Inta Balode.

2017, July: LAUKKU curated contemporary dance program at Lūznava Arts Picnic

“Hear Me” by Agnese Bordjukova, “7 Fairy Tales about Ņukucītis” by Varis Klausītājs, “Fafabulala” by Agate Bankava

7 Stories about Nukucītis

2017, July: LAUKKU program for NSU Summer Session, Saulkrasti

Collaboration project with the Nordic Summer University .

Cultural program. Inta Balode, Santa Grīnfelde, Krista Briģe (LAT), Inga Gaile (LAT), Daina Tabuna (LAT), Agnese Bordjukova (LAT), Annemari Autere (NOR / FR). Supervisors in the educational program: Annemari Autere (NOR / FR) and Agnese Bordjukova (LAT)

Agnese Bordjukova and Daina Tabūna

2017, April – 2018, March: Searching for Burtnieki Treasures, Burtnieki Latvia

Walking, performances while walking, book making workshops and discussions, which continue throughout the year (until April 2018) start in Burtnieki. Themes: rural history and knowledge, and learning from the Burtnieki region. Performances: Agnese Bordjukova (LAT), Annemari Autere (NOR), Krista Brige (LAT), Valerijs Olehno (LAT) and Agate Bankava (LAT). Producer: Inta Balode (LAT). (First official LAUKKU project.) Supported by SCCF.

2016, July: LAUKKU curated contemporary dance program at Lūznava Arts Picnic

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