Since spring 2022 LAUKKU has started to develop LAUKKU home – a residency place in remote rural place. Some artists have already stayed in LAUKKU home, they say it is special and they say they want to come back. The location has been run by an independent creative mind Eso Antons Benjamiņš. After he passed away the property was empty for around a year and then LAUKKU found it. It had a lots of arts and LAUKKU spirit already. So know it is time for a new breath and everybody can become part of that journey. If you want to give a tree your name, see an unseen sorts of butterflies, listen to the cranes and owls voices, negotiate with mosquitos, feed LAUKKU cat called THE CAT who arrived on his own and stayed, if you want to get lost in overgrown grass and go to see how the wild boars are taking care of their bath and chanterelle fields, if you want to look into the eyes of a green frog and climb a stone piramyd which does not have any practical function… If there are some YESes to those IFs, get in touch with LAUKKU home at

P.S. The nearest grocery store is 8 km way, the nearest bus stop 2 km.

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