iCoDaCo 2024-2027 will focus on the development and implementation of alternative and innovative strategies and methodologies for creation and dissemination of contemporary dance, in order to improve the reality and opportunities available for artists, producers, presenters, communities and audiences of contemporary dance in Europe and beyond. It involves a critical mass of practising contemporary dance artists from 12 European countries to collectively forge new knowledge, methodologies and practices which guarantee sustainability, accessibility and innovation within contemporary dance as well as fortify the contribution of dance knowledge to adjacent sectors and other parts of our society. Through collective research and co-creation processes and by utilising and repurposing existing technologies, iCoDaCo 2024-2027 will develop the world’s first open-access digital platform for contemporary dance practices. This will enhance cooperation, collaboration and accessibility in contemporary dance on a global scale whilst also maintaining and even strengthening the physical and empirical dimension of the art form. The involvement of many artists in the knowledge production, creation and presentation components of the project, as well as the development of a new methodology for international knowledge sharing and co-creation, will support the creation of relations between remote geographical locations across the world whilst decreasing the ecological strain on our environment. iCoDaCo 2024-2027 proposes solutions to sectorial challenges of contemporary dance which were identified during a previous Creative Europe cooperation project, International Contemporary Dance Collective 2018-2020. These solutions are for the evolution of the actual practice of contemporary dance to better suit the ecological, political, financial and social realities of our time to guarantee its sustainability and accessibility.

PARTNERS IN THE 2024-2027 EDITION: ilDance – Sweden; SHIFFT – The Netherlands; FACE – France; CUNTS Collective – Denmark; Companhia Instável – Portugal; Studio Alta – Czech Republic; Creativity Lab – Latvia; SIN Arts Centre – Hungary; Circe Platform – Georgia; Movimiento en Red – Spain; LAUKKU – Latvia; Sebastian Matthias Collaborations – Germany