The performance is a dialogue between construction workers and artists, two groups paradoxically located on the lowest rungs of the “art house-making system.” The project aims to point out socio-economic and immigration problems where the perfect art house represents an image of a meeting and dreaming place for the marginalized and privileged. Lasting 8 hours, the performance involves different stages of labor, such as preparation, work, breaks, shifts, celebration, evaluation of a result, etc. During the performance, we use various objects and things that people carry with them to go to work. All materials are be borrowed, donated or found. The experiences, observations and conclusions derived from discussions with people during the performance will be used to develop LAUKKU home – a perfect arts house/residency in remote rural area. Credits: Agnese Bordjukova – concept, choreography, performance; Agate Bankava – concept, choreography, performance; Inta Balode – concept, choreography, performance; Ginta Grūbe – concept, visual design, performance; Laima Jansone – sound design, performance; Sigita Vesele – management, publicity.

Simulation #1, Helsinki, June 9, 2023

Simulation #1, Helsinki, June 9, 2023 (short)

Simulation #2, Lūznava, July 15, 2023

Simulation #3, Rīga, September 3, 2023

Making Perfect Arts Houses even more Perfect #1, Kaunas, November 28, 2023