Created by: Yoana Yordanova – Sojka, Andrzej Sojka, ARTAREA and CPLR – ODK Pernik, Bulgaria


Annotation: This workshop is compilation of already accomplished four workshops which was realized in 2020 and 2021
Intention: We as a Human nature and Communication with our self here and now in COVID situation
Duration: 3 hours
Target group: 10 young people on age 17-25 years old
Approach: Non – formal Kinesthetic learning through movement and dance.

Description of the Exercises

  1. ’’Passing ball – Hello! ’’ (Duration 5-7 min.)
    Intention: Ice braking – main keywords are Listening and observing through body, mind,
    movement, senses
  1. ) People from the team are walking around all space, around participants and building some mood,
    tempo rhythm with moving the air.
  2. ) Then participants start to passing a cone (ball) during walking in the group and saying ,,Hello” to the
    person who is catching the cone ( ball).
  3. ) Hi I’m ……….and my mood today is like( I feel like)…… Earth, water, fire, air…. Or….
    Something else . All group is walking and movement is not stop during passing the cone ( ball.)
    Notes: Finding the way to know the general mood in the group and in the space with this exercise,
    showing us how open are the participants. Every first step is hard, but when you have examples, it’s
    helps and encouraging you.

2. ,,Air drawing’’ (Duration 20 min.)

  1. ) Have participants use one finger to trace shapes or line types in the air. They can stand or sit while
    they do this. Include a rhythm, song, or sound effect to help enhance the important parts of each
    shape. For example, while air drawing a rectangle, students say “short, l-o-n-g, short, l-o-n-g.” When
    drawing a circle, begin with a high note and when your hand is at the top of the circle, slide down to a low
    note at the bottom of the circle and them back up to the high note as the circle reaches the starting point
  2. ) Imagination – start to imagine how looks everything what you draw. ( color, form, weight…)
    Start trying to move part of your body expressing the drawing form.

3. ’’Sculpture’’ (Duration 30 min.)
The participants are asked how they feel and are given 2 minutes to find one word that could describe
their state of mind.
After this they had to find position like a sculpture that could most accurately illustrate it. The People are
separated in Two groups. First one creating their sculptures, the others walking around them and
observing every detail, trying to figure out what is the core emotion. Then the groups are switching. After
a short discussion they all are asked to recreate their sculptures but this time in different place and in
relation to the others.

4. ,,Listening through non – direct Contact’’ (Duration 30 min.)
Intention: Big focus and concentration, trust and listening. Ability of the body.

  1. ) Making couples. Staying back to back .
  2. ) Continue with back to back but adding one cone (ball) between our backs.
  3. ) Start to breath together and feel each other.
  4. ) Keeping contact without contact. Be in different situations and positions. Seating on the floor back to
    back, trying to stand up together. Then to move together – walk move, run, jump, together with backs
    holding one ball. All the time listening own body and body of the partner. Expressing energy giving and
    receiving making contact and moving in the space till moment when couples feel free to try flying in the
  5. ) Repeat the same steps without a cone ( ball) between the backs.

5. ,,Little talk’’ – making story ( Duration 60 min.)

  1. ) Participants sharing their feelings and experience from previous exercise.
  2. ) On piece of paper start to write down their thoughts as a private story.
  3. ) Then every participant from the couple sharing his own story and start to create short
    movement performance together, build on their written story.
  4. ) In next 15 min. Every couple showing their performance.

Reflection – ( Duration 15 – 20 min.)
In circle everybody are free to share.
Space and self-awareness. Place to share experience, feelings, understanding of what is just happen. Place for
questions and finding answers.

The Key to Connection is implemented in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action  program – key action 2,

 Strategic Partnership for exchange experiences.