connecting in a distance – phase of sharing tools and methods while we are isolated…

Kick Off Seminar in Rauna, Latvia was supposed to be the place and time when all the partners come together again to share the tools on kinesthetic learning what has been created so far in their local communities. Because of the situation with Corona virus epidemia in the world, this seminar is cancelled but the meeting in Latvia is postponed to February 2021.

Not to effect the development of the project too hard, we replaced Kick Off Seminar with Footprints. This is the time and space for us to create the selection of our findings (tools and methods and theory) AND to try out tools and methods, created by others.

The process of Footprints goes like this:

1.         Creating Footprints: every national team prepares a workshop 3 h long where intenition is focused to the specific theme (Listening and Observation, Oppenness as an Attitude, Critical Understanding of Self, Diversity as a Value). It can be a selection of the ideas from the activities what has been implemented during the workshops for local communities. It can be also new ideas. The exercises should be original – created by participants, specially for this project.

2.         Leaving Footpronts: The workshop is put in a written form. The theoretical material does not have to be originally created by authors of the workshop. The workshop is published for people who are interested to try it out, including the team of tktC.

4.         Stepping in other’s footsteps: every national team chooses one workshop proposal, created by others to try it out on the local youngsters’ group when it will be possible. During the preparation phase national teams communicate with the authors of the workshop to clarify the details to agree on small changes, adding some theory etc. It can be video meetings to try out some things being bridged just digitally.

5.         Registrating:This phase has been documented ( both preparation and implementation) and added at the digital reader as a part of the research.

the Key to Connection is implemeneted in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action  programme – key action 2, Strategic Partnership for exchange experiences.