text by Ilze Zirina, photo by Justine Bulina

On 21 January, 2020 the first the Key to Connection activity at Rauna Secondary School took place together with 17 young people in one group and 2 teachers in another group.

Latvian team is curious to offer the same class for two seperate target groups from the same school: one – for young people ( age of 9 – 16) and another for teachers ( age around 40 – 50 y.o.). Our plan is to run such classes once a month (2 hours each class) and at the end of the process to come together and create something to share with the audience.

So, the theme of our first meeting was Me, Yes, Together. More detailed information about the exercises what we did will come soon but here, let me explain a little what do we mean by these three words.

Me – to be aware of myself (just as as simple as that – close eyes and feel how you stand (or sit, or lie down)). Oh, believe me – not easy at all. What is my level of trust, when I run as fast as I can with eyes closed letting my friends stop me? Or falling down from the higher surface letting my friends catch me. Or feeling myself as a leader or follower. Or having eye contact with somebody for a long, long time.

Yes – do not judge! Not myself, not the people around me. We checked ourselves during the process – how many times we cought ourself judging myself or others during the class. We were brave enough to acknowledge some episodes..

Together – cooperation to create. We copied each other, supported each other,           we contrasted each other. And we learned to listen when another speaks.

Well, my personal feeling was that at the end of both sessions we felt as a team. And we left the studio with a thought to meet again. The gender ballance 50/50%  created a good dynamics. And the fact that most of the kids were with less opportunities (some from poor family, some – many kids in a family, some – living out of the village) and many of them already had started the difficult teenage years made the atmosphere a little wild but honest and we deffinetly cooperated. All of us.

Teachers felt more fragile group. From at least 8 who promised to come, just two were brave enough to really come. Well, we think the situation will change with the next times as both teachers thought the activity is meaningful for them both as a person and a professional.

The activity was facilitated by Justine Bulina (Basement), Ieva Grundsteine (Basement), Agnese Bordjukova (LAUKKU), Ilze Zirina (LAUKKU).

A short footage by Justine Bulina here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVP7OPPJsyw&fbclid=IwAR09dfGHmB0ElxtbDftSnlz6NkWbOWsQ7rQG8_9nj1IZY6wx5ihIDx2hZOg

Next activity of tKtC at Rauna is planed on February 26, 2020.

the Key to Connection is implemeneted in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action  programme – key action 2, Strategic Partnership for exchange experiences.