The name of the organization carries exactly the meaning and in particular this is artistic territory and space – ARTAREA – the place where everyone is free to create!

ARTAREA is a non-profit organization, established In November 2012. Aim is to work in field of art and culture, realizing own independent projects, supporting Youth in the city, popularizing EVS through young people and helping for personal artistic development of youngsters. Association participated as a partner in several youth exchanges in Norway, Slovakia, Poland and Austria. ARTAREA has created a lot of contacts and relationships with countries outside and in European Union, and build a stable partnership with them. From 2013 it was sending, hosting and coordinating organization of EVS projects. This brought a long-term international cooperation and exchange of experience , as well opportunity for young people to meet non formal education, gaining new experiences and qualities in their future careers. For 2 years ARTAREA have sent abroad more than 10 volunteers for European voluntary service and make contacts with Romania, Spain, France, Austria, Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Netherlands. As a Hosting organization it realized our 2 EVS projects – long term EVS ( ”Discover EVS in Pernik” – 2014 with 2 volunteers and ”Discover EVS in Pernik – Part II” – 2015/2016 with 4 volunteers from Austria, Poland, Spain and France). The Director of ARTAREA – Yoana Yordanova has experience in the Youth in Action program, participating as a leader and coordinator in many youth exchanges between Bulgaria, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Georgia and Ukraine. As a former EVS volunteer in Norway 2009 – short term EVS project in Theater Stella Polaris, then the period (July 2011 – June 2012) in the long term EVS, volunteer in Slovakia – in organization ART KRUH.The motivation of Association ARTAREA to continue implement projects for Youths under the European voluntary service as host, sending and coordinating organization, comes from all opportunities, benefits and wealth which giving Erasmus + program to the young people, which still searching for their selfs and their place in the world. New experience and meeting people from other nationality, culture and traditions. International teamwork. Personal growth and motivation to dealing alone with the difficulties and problems. Organization of their own time and their team’s time. Feeling safe and responsible in their work . Exchanging experience and knowledge with others. And last but not least – language culture and opportunity to learn more than one new language. In Pernik the idea of voluntary service is not popular at all. ARTAREA is the only association in Pernik working which promotes EVS.

As a strong partner in local level Association ARTAREA working with Main Culture house in Pernik city , this is CPLR – ODK ( Personal development support center united children complex).
This Partnership giving many opportunities to the young people in the city, because they can work with profesional artist , teachers and gest lectors. Meeting new cultures and working methods. CPLR – ODK have great working space, stage, studios, many atelie for crafts, painting, singig. And ARTAREA helping them with good connections, posibilities for many diferents projects and participation of young people. This collaboration gives oportunities to the youth  and children in the city to grow and develope in the filt of art.

Links to some videos, showing part of our artistic work with EVS volunteers during projects:

Circus in suitcase. Workshops for children between block space:

International initative between Poland and Bulgaria. Vibration of creation:

EVS Project Discover EVS in Pernik – this video is creatited by our volunteers:–iC1syk  

Web page:

Participants at tKtC:

Yoana Yordanova – Sojka

Yoana Yordanova Sojka is the director of Association ARTAREA. She is engaged in field of classical ballet, dance theater, contemporary dance techniques and improvisation, as well  street performance and side specific theater. Theacher and choreographer in Ballet studio ”I D A” Pernik. Got Master’s Degree in dance directing at South-West University Neofit Rilski in Blagoevgrad in 2016. 2010 Completes a Bachelor’s Degree in movement theater and pantomime at the National Academy of Theater and Film Art  – NATFIZ Kr. Sarafov in Sofia.  In 2005 graduated as classical ballet dancer at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia – specialization – Classical ballet.                                                                                                       

From 2009 she is participant and leader in several international projects in program Youth in action, later Erasmus +.  She have experiance as a volunteer short term EVS in Norway and long term EVS in Slovakia  2009 and 2011.

 November 2012 she establishing  NGO – Association ARTAREA in Pernik Bulgaria. Association working in the field of culture, art and ecology and implementing projects at national and international level. 

Radoslav Yordanov

Voluntteer at ARTAREA. Free lance contemporary dance and dance theater artist. Got BA in dance theater at NATFA / National Academy of theatre and Film Art – Kr.Sarafov / in Sofia in 2013. Performer of many contemporary dance performances in Bulgaria and Europe, working  with choreografers from USA, Russia, Korea, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria. Has worked at DUNE dance company – Burgas, Bulgaria ( 2015-2019). Has participated at several Youth Exchanges and Youth Initative in Poland and  Slovakia in frames of European program Youth in Action.

The project financed by the Erasmus + Programme, which for years has been the leading program of the European Commission supporting educational activities in a form that is limited only by imagination, so if someone would like to try their hand at obtaining a grant for unusual international projects, they should definitely look at the website of the