Erasmus+ project to exchange good practices between

people working with dance and movement and people working with youth

1st September 2019 – 31st December 2021

This transnational and interdisciplinary project aims to promote exchange of experience and know-how between organisations from dance field and youth work. Project includes international meetings among partners but also cooperation between fields in national level interacting with local communities.

LAUKKU is the coordinator of the project and collaborates with Youth Center Basement of Rauna’s Municipality.


We are an international collective of dance practitioners and youth workers/ experts in non-formal education fom Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Poland who cooperate to research the power of kinesthetic learning as a key to connection with the young people. the Key to Connection(started in 2019 within the EU programme Erasmus+: Youth in Action) , which is our first project together where we develop new kinesthetic learning tools and methods, testing them both on each other and young people. Through the process we trigger such themes as skill of Listening and Observation, Openness as an attitude, Diversity as a value, Critical Understandeinf of Self.

Movement can become a great helper in self-growth, development and empowerment of young people. Awareness towards one’s own body and choices of movement has to be developed in order to be able to learn through movement. We explore how combining our knowledge and experience in the field of dance and youth work can promote engaging young people in the kinesthetic learning process. While kinesthetic learning and youth work online also provide new opportunities, in the context of embodied learning, we see it as a serious challenge. Big part of youngsters are not so passionate about leaving their phones and sofas these days, which causes the disconnection from their bodies and challenges with physical and mental health and well-being. Nevertheless, as they experience the power of kinesthetic learning, a very meaningful process for both sides (facilitators and youngsters) starts.

We are there to keep looking for the most effective tools to reach out to our youngsters at another level as we wish to support them in their process of transition from childhood and teenage years to adulthood, becoming self-aware and confident individuals and responsible members of our communities.

This material includes theory about the subject as well as proposals for practical activities for kinesthetic learning that promotes self development. You will also find interviews with us – participants of the project which opens a bit also the journey through the project – chellenges, favorite moments, our thoughts about the kinesthetic learning in education system etc.

We want this to be a meaningful helper for anyone who believes in the power of kinesthetic learning and wants to start practicing it. .

the Key to Connection is implemeneted in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme – key action 2, Strategic Partnership for exchange experiences.