text by Yoana Yordanova- Sojka, video, photo by Andrzej Sojka

The first meeting in Pernik took place on stage of CPLR – ODK Pernik  25.01.2020 and was extremely enjoyable with these 18 children, 8 of whom were from socially weak families, families with one parent, from neighboring villages.

The first meeting’s theme was Attempt to Fly. Main objectives – listening and observation through movement and dance. The description of the process you can find at the category of tKtC Methods but I would like to share overview of the activity.

We tried to fly together and I think it worked out.
We worked with ourselves, watched from the outside, inside, tried to communicate through our bodies with a partner. We tried to work with text by expressing through movement the emotion of it. It was difficult, but extremely beautiful. It turned out to be a real spectacle, after two hours of work the children opened themselves up and did not bother moving to communicate through their bodies with others to express emotion through movement and to explore themselves and their possibilities.

The activity was facilitated by Yoana Yordanova Sojka (Association ARTAREA), Elena Kostadinova (CPLR – ODK Pernik) , Radoslav Yordanov (Association ARTAREA), Andrzej Sojka (CPLR – ODK Pernik) .

video extract of the process here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ExGPhRbIbfiR-igZpV9HZHqsY9TNAmh5/view?usp=sharing

the Key to Connection is implemeneted in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action  programme – key action 2, Strategic Partnership for exchange experiences.