to meet each other to get to know the diverse range of partnersin order to benefit from their different experiences and profiles. We will:

dive immedeately in movement together with local young people to experience the specifics of the project first and then start to talk about it;

present our organizations through common questions such as:

  • How old are you? And how big are you ( how many active members)?
  • Why did you start this kind of organization?
  • What is your relationship with young people?
  • Tell about the most interesting project in the context of tKtC!
  • How can you contribute within this project?
  • What do you think is the key to connection?

share our interest and needs towards the project;

play in practice with some ideas on the one of themes:

  • critical understanding of self,
  • observing and listening skill,
  • openness as an attitude,
  • diversity as a value

and share these ideas with the local young people;

enjoy the Bulgarian hospitality.

the Key to Connection is implemeneted in the framework of Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme – key action 2, Strategic partnership for exchange experiences.